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ACMPE exam registration is going on-demand. Beginning back in March, ACMPE program participants can register and sit for their exams with as little as two days’ notice any time of the year.

To become board certified, members must pass the multiple choice and scenario-based exam requirement. You must register for each exam individually.

Before registering for an exam, you must:

  • Be an MGMA member
  • Have been accepted into the ACMPE board certification program
  • Completed the education and experience requirements**

* Those who have not yet completed their education and experience requirements may not register for the scenario-based exam.

CLICK HERE to register for the exam today!

COVID19 Update: Registrants currently have the option for on-demand testing at over 500 Scantron testing locations, or until January 1, 2021 may select Live online-proctored format from the safety of their homes.  To become board certified, members must pass the multiple choice and scenario-based exam requirement. You must register for each exam individually.

How to join the 
ACMPE Certification
Preparation Network

(formerly the Tennessee ACMPE

Study Group)

  1. Log in using your member
     or username and password
  2. At the top right, Click 
    My Dashboard.
  3. At the bottom left, in the 
    My Networks tile,
    Click MGMA Member
  4. Click Communities tab,
    then click All Communities
  5. Scroll down to ACMPE
    Certification Preparation
    Network, then click Join

Established in 1956, the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE) is the standard-setting and certification body of the Medical Group Management Association. ACMPE offers board certification and Fellowship in medical practice management. ACMPE’s mission is to continually improve the performance of medical group practice professionals and the organizations they represent. Their vision is to be the recognized leader in defining and supporting the profession of medical group management. Some benefits of board certification:

  • Demonstrates your broad knowledge of medical practice management
  • Enhances your professional status by earning a nationally recognized professional designation
  • Provides a distinct advantage over other candidates when seeking employment and promotions
  • Assists you in demanding more salary, on average, than non certified professionals
  • Expands your network of medical practice executives who have chosen to excel in the profession
  • The board certification exam assesses your:
    • Knowledge and understanding of the broad scope of medical practice management principles and issues
    • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
    • Ability to communicate in writing
    • Oral communication skills

ACMPE board certified professionals enjoy:

  • Professional respect from physicians, peers and colleagues
  • Increased earning and career potential
  • Leading many of the nation’s best-performing medical practices

Fellows are members of ACMPE who have chosen to advance beyond board certification. Fellowship (FACMPE) is the highest level of distinction in the medical management field.

The Body of Knowledge

The Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management is the most comprehensive, authoritative resource for those who seek to assess and develop their skills and knowledge in this profession. Every profession possesses a body of knowledge representing the entirety of information about that profession. It’s one way that professionals establish their claim to an expertise that deserves recognition. The Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management represents just such an achievement. It defines and legitimizes the unique knowledge and skill set for the medical practice management profession. It helps set the standards that preserve the profession’s integrity and promote its growth.


Based on your current healthcare experience and education level, there are two pathways toward board certification. Both require MGMA membership, achieving a Bachelor's Degree or completing 120 hours of college credits and completing two exam requirements.

Pathway One - Board Certification

I have 2+ years experience in healthcare

Step 1. Apply*

  • To apply, you must be a current MGMA member and hold a Bachelor's Degree or have completed 120 college credit hours
Step 2. Become Board Certified**
  • Pass the multiple-choice & scenario-based exams
  • Earn 50 continuing education (CE) hours

Step 3. Maintain your Credential

  • Submit 50 CE hours every three years
  • Remain an MGMA member

*Applicants will have three years from their application approval date to complete their remaining board certification requirements
**Pending board approval

Pathway Two - Board Eligible

I am new to healthcare/pursuing a degree

Step 1. Apply*

  • Be a current MGMA member

Step 2. Become Board Eligible

  • Pass the multiple-choice exam

Step 3. Become Board Certified**

  • Earn a Bachelor's degree or have completed 120 hours of college credit
  • ​Obtain two years of healthcare experience
  • Pass the scenario-based exam
  • Earn 50 continuing education (CE) hours 

Step 4. Maintain your Credential

  • Submit 50 CE hours every three years
  • Remain an MGMA member

*Applicants will have three years from their application approval date to complete their remaining board certification requirements
**Pending board approval

CLICK HERE  to apply today



  • Earn the Certified Medical Practice
    Exceutive (CMPE) credential 
  • Be a current MGMA member 
  • Pay a one-time application fee
  • Submit your Fellowship program application 
  • Hold a Bachelor's degree with at least seven 
    years of healthcare experience, including 
    two years in a leadership role. 


  • Hold a Master's degree with at least five
    years of healthcare experience, including
    two years in leadership role.


  • Identify a relevant problem in healthcare 
    which requires an innovative solution and is 
    tied to the Body of Knowledge for Medical
    Practice Management. 
  • Develop a strategic business plan for 
    implementing an innovative solution to the 
    chosen problem or issue. Business plan
    must meet approved format. 
  • Complete six volunteers hours 


  • Submit 50 continuing education (CE) hours every three years.
    - 30 hours from MGMA resources 
    (12 ours required from MGMA
      national/state face-to-face events)
    - 20 additional hours from qualified sources 
  • Complete six volunteer hours. 
  • Remain an MGMA member.

ACMPE Certification Incentive

The Massachusetts/Rhode Island Medical Group Management Association is pleased to offer an incentive to members who attain CMPE, Certified Medical Practice Executive, or FACMPE, Fellowship, designation as offered by the ACMPE, American College of Medical Practice Executives.  The incentive is in the amount of $250 and will be awarded to two individuals.  To receive the incentive, an individual must meet the following criteria:

1)    Be a member of Massachusetts/Rhode Island MGMA
2)    Be a member of MGMA National
3)    Submit a completed Application on or before September 1, 2018 for CMPE and October 1, 2018 for Fellow applicants.
4)    Take and pass the certification exam before August 31, 2018
5)    Become a Fellow in the class of 2018.  

This is the opportunity for you to advance as a leader in medical practice management. We offer numerous opportunities to assist you and each of our educational programs is eligible for continuing education units, CEUs.

If you met the above criteria please complete and submit the Application Form to

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